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I've been going a little Pinterest mad over the last week, realising it is far more worthwhile storing my images on there than cramping up hard drive.  So I've created boards for each of my essential pieces, have a peek.  My favourite so far is the one for my little black dresses.  

I wouldn't take much style advice from my father, my sister would concur.  However, one thing he has taught me is the importance of a little black dress.  I can remember being about 17, frantically searching for the perfect prom dress for my school ball.  Dad kept on telling me 'just get the simple black one' and me being the textbook rebelling teenager took no notice at all.  

So I wore a floral number, and looked like a badly arranged bush.  The photos are quite literally hilarious.  The fringe didn't help matters.  Same again with numerous black tie events, until I eventually gave in and succumbed to the LBD.  And I've never had more compliments - and it never looks bad.  Dad was right (I am guessing I can say this freely, as he never reads the blog - he looks at me quite confused whenever I mention it).

I've gradually been storing up images of LBDs to remind me of quite how useful they are to own.  They speak for themselves, you can always find a style to suit you - and the most you need with it is a good blazer or biker jacket.

You can go 'all black' or use the dress to show off a pair of statement shoes (leopard print ones par example).  I love that the same dress can be paired with a pair of flat boots (above) and then rocked up for the evening with some 4 inchers and some red lippy...

My favourite LBD is a classic shift dress from Zara, it seems to be brought out every autumn so I'm clearly not the only one who recognises the greatness!  But basically what I'm saying is, every girl should have one - it's the go to feel-good item.  They obviously come in all shapes and sizes, it's if it's all black it's all right. I've had a snoop around and found the following places have awesome LBD selections at the moment:

Whistles - these guys excel at staples and the LBD is no exception.  Have a browse here at their overall collection, and take a particular peek at this gorgeous Clarabell dress (Givenchy AW12 eat your heart out)
Zara - this dress is fab, quite similar to mine but with the added cross detail at the back. Love it.
Aloe - new name in the UK market, Claire Judge's capsule pieces are amazing. Love this simple black number.

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Phuong said...

love the LBD inspiration photos

Travel in Style

Unknown said...

There are so many versions of Little Black Dress!

Unknown said...

You're so right - I feel a sudden need to stock up on more little black dresses!

Emma xo

Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more! The funny thing is that my father too is the first to say how great women look in a LBD! xxx Hayley

Magda Dziedzic said...

Great photos! First one is great!

A.O. said...

The LBD has evolved so much! I love it!

thankfifi said...

so true, the power of the lbd is never to be underestimated! Also think you may have solved my whattoweartowedding problem with that zara cross back no.! Thanks :)

♥ ThankFifi

Natalia said...

Hi beautiful!

I think that this post is really interesting...and i love ur pictures! do u want to follow each other? I'm already following u!

xx from

Unknown said...

Hi, love your blog would love to see you following me at Happy blogging!

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

You are absolutely right about the fact that this piece is timeless and so versatile. Not sure why but black doesn't work very well for me, so my versions of the LBD are LG(rey)D or LB(lue)D...but still love the concept!

Unknown said...

I love the LBD and I have never really found one before. They never seem to fit me right, you know?

Sarah Betty xx

Lucy said...

Pretty, everybody needs an LBD!

Clarabelle said...

I love this post! Thanks for sharing. I totally agree, I have two LBD's & many a time they've saved me from a wardrobe disaster. They are so classic & can be worn anytime. I love the different looks in the pictures, but I'm going to try a similar look to the girl with the dog, she rocks it! x

Anonymous said...

Ah this is great, since I just posted about the little black dress today! For me there are two key designs, the sharp structured ldb and the more feminine floaty one. In your images here some of the structured designs with volume as striking. How can you go wrong?!

Lindsey A. Turner said...

great post! love those dresses!

Lindsey Turner

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