[Craving] Raffia with Reiss

Last SS Fashion Week, Burberry (for me) came out top.  Not only was their front row a collection of the finest (hottest) British talent, but they had a show filled with a rain shower, Cara Delevingne and lots of raffia styled designs.  I feel in love with the straw woven hats, bags and most of all - shoes.  I've been keeping an eye out for the closest woven high street match ever since.  Thank you, Reiss - you have saved me from a very nasty credit card bill.

I love this style of shoe, particularly the cream and brown striped sole - and if you like the idea of the beaded straps on the shoes on the left you should definitely check out my friend Geneva's post here on how to make them... Any way, I was checking out Reiss the other day (which I haven't done enough this year, a few things I wanted were already sold out) and found the below bits and bobs:

Love how easy these pieces are to mix in with simple tees, denim shorts and blazers to give it such a radical twist.  If you think about it, that's all Burberry did - their collection was still full of the staple trench coats and pencil skirts, but with a raffia/tribal twist.  I'm lusting after the coloured shopper bag; thinking that if I pair it up with my grey maxi tee dress and some sandals it could look fab for my summer holiday...

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Francesca said...

They are indeed easy to mix :)


Outside Looking In said...

Love them--you found some great stuff! I'd love to have those bags and shoes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your comment! :) I think your blog is fantastic, and I am completely in love with the shoes in this post. Also, thank you for linking your friend Geneva's post, I am totally inspired!!

I adore that you include Lopez! I'm an animal lover and will definitely be featuring my pets in my blog :)

Hope we keep in touch!


morganvsmorgan said...

These are so cool, i feel like i could easily fit them all into my closet!

Pich and Roor said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I definitely have to agree with you those cream & brown striped wedges are so perfect, I'd totally wear them ALL summer!!

Prudence and Austere said...

Love all the beaded details on everything. The trench coat is stunning!


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