[Trend for SS12] Prada Pleated Dresses

I've been lusting after this look ever since it hit the runway last September - fifties vintage dresses with a little bit of a modern injection with their pastel colours and sometimes risqué hemlines.  Anything Prada can do... I'm probably going to try. 

I am all over this look - but not the prices, the cheapest thing on their runway was £120 (it was a sock, I kid you not).  So I've been out and about (and indoors web surfing in the rain) looking for some similar dresses - they're perfect spring-come-summer wear!

Three Floor Fashion - if you don't know them, get to know them.  New to the fashion scene this year, these guys are ones to watch.  Their dresses are amazing, I did an edit on their launch collection which is still available here.  These two dresses definitely stick to the theme in different ways: the Delight dress is beautifully pleated and the nude sheer at the top is a lovely detail.  The Freshers dress is more conventionally going for the same look as the Prada team - and I love it.

I've had my eye on this one from Miss Selfridge for a while, as has Grazia by the looks of it - who have featured it twice.  I love the orange tones - they'll be quiet a lot easier to wear than some of the greens and blues in other styles.  £48 is a really good deal.  Also, the Zara dress below is a brilliant piece - I saw some wedding photos at the weekend and the bridesmaids were wearing this - the pleats hit the mark for the look too.  £69 isn't too bad too...

Love this whole look - but one thing to make sure you get right is that it doesn't overwhelm you.  Make sure it's still fitted, and also that if you do have a belt that it isn't too tight and sits on a flattering part of your body.

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Style Servings said...

Great finds, I love all of them!

Unknown said...

£120 For a Sock? Was it made from diamond encrusted cotton?

Loving the plete trend though, so girly :)


foodie said...

Asos also has some pretty inspired dresses at the moment, beautiful pastel shades!

Sparkle said...

those prada dress are gorgeous. :)


Luxx Mint said...

They're so dreamy the Prada dress. The Delight dress is gorgeous though - great alternative.

The doll on fashion

Dasha Gold said...

Love these dresses


Clarabelle said...

Beautiful dresses, they look so classy too x

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