[Craving] Photo Skirt by Une Sardine A Rio

Ever since I saw this photo (above) I've been after a perfectly printed silk paint skirt.  Christopher Kane's galaxy print collection still causes drool from my mouth when I spot someone in it; his dress and skirt in the design are one of few 'last season' pieces that are socially acceptable at parties around town these days...

So, on a slight tangent from British fashion (sorry) - I spotted these gorgeous photo skirts from a French company called Une Sardine A Rio yesterday and really wanted to share them.  The photos are taken from their own travels, and printed with water based ink so come out looking beautiful.  Their collections are prodominantly made for children, but this skirt comes in adult size for £120/135E.

I love the one of the Selaron stairs in Rio de Janeiro, and the street scene in Provence.   You can't really beat it for an original piece, and it would look fab with capsule closet pieces like the chambray shirt and the white shirt, as below. (have a peek at the full range here).  If any of you have daughters, please buy them the child's version!!!

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Laura said...

same! And I bought these shorts (which look perfectly like a skirt but won't blow up in the wind - fail safe) at Zara for £20! They are working great with white jackets and white cotton blouses http://www.coffeetoastandlondon.com/2012/05/summer-whites-and-cool-crisp-blues.html

januarysublime said...

I love that top skirt! It is amazing.
JS xx


Kimberlee said...

Those are gorgeous!

Thanks for your sweet words on my blog :)

Giovanna said...

Love love love that galaxy skirt and the ones you found are amazing! Obsessed!


ravenamaru said...

those are soooooooooo beautifulll.

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(I follow back!)

Unknown said...

Love the puffy printed skirts! I am on the hunt for some myself too!

Sarah said...

Wow I love the top skirt and the bottom left! Thank you for your lovely comments hun xx

Josie said...

These are gorgeous, so unique! Just had a bit of a catch up with your blog, love what you've been doing on Polyvore. I'm a bit useless with that site, must be stupid because I don't know how to do it haha! xxx

Jenny said...

These skirts are so fun! Definitely eye-catching!

Seize the Styles

Aurélie and Angelo said...

Ok I need one of these skirts pronto! Great prints and the perfect silhouette! xxx

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