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Having had the lovely comments from you lovely people after my posting on The Essential: White Tee Shirt, I thought I'd update this Leather Trouser post the same way.  I love these polyvore posts as it really helps to show you what I'm talking about with my blogging quest for a capsule wardrobe.  Here you go..!

If there was ever a reason to get down to the gym, it's to be able to wear leather trousers.  Forget Ross from Friends' horrid experience, these bad boys are an essential piece for any aspiring fashionista.  Or just a girl who wants to be comfy and cool in the same outfit.  I'm sure a few of you will go 'no frigging way' to this post, but check out how often these trousers come in outfit posts and style features in our favourite magazines and blogs!?

I am a massive fan, and am currently on the hunt for the perfect pair.  I have realised this will be a mammoth investment - as I not only need to pay my gym membership, but also need to spend a fair amount on a decent brand.  An investment, having collated these pictures, that I am more than happy to make.

My favourite style muses Olivia and Rosie live in them, and during fashion week they were the perfect Day 3 / 'I am exhausted and still need to look great' staple.  They partner up so well with other essential pieces: the denim shirt, the chiffon shirt, the white tee... List really does go on.

They can be used for easy breezy daywear, as some of the photos here show - but quickly add a pair of heels and some kind of tailoring (be that a well fitted coat, jacket or peplum-ish top) and ta-da (!!) you suddenly have bounced into serious trend-evening-wear territory.  I think they are perfect office-to-bar pieces - just do some butt crunches for a few weeks first!

To contrast the tightness of the trousers, you can wear a really big oversize shirt like Olivia Palermo and Miranda Kerr have done above.  Monochrome outfits are big with leather trousers.  For some chiffon shirt inspiration check out my post here, and also Net A Porter's Equipment blouse selection here who in my opinion make the best ones around... 

Where to buy your leather trousers from:

I'm learning from this too, as I plan to buy a pair in 6 weeks following on from the 'diet of doom.'  So I've asked around and had the following recommendations (below).  One piece of good advice I've got, and am trying out myself is if you are unsure, pop down to Primark or another low price high street store and buy yourself a cheap pair of leather 'jeggings' to try out.  Wear them at home with the rest of your wardrobe and see if you like the look, feel and texture of them on you.  If you do, go ahead and invest:

Muubaa - a friend has these and much to her annoyance they are now 60% off at £195.  Good high waist - useful for outfit options, and lovely fit.  Generous on the thighs too. Have a look here.
J Brand - this (usually denim) company can't do any wrong in my eyes.  They fits curves, in fact they embrace them.  Their leather leggings are gorgeous, have tried them on and are most probably the pair I will be buying.  Have a look here - £230.
Poison - Still unsure? Try out leather-look denim first.  This fab pair from Poison are gorgeous and have featured on the legs of many a star.  Including the curvaceous ladeez.  Have a look here on the Donna Ida site for details - £220.

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Unknown said...

Love all the looks and your blog! I've nominated your blog for an award. Details are here:

Have a lovely day x

taffetaramblings said...

Great images - definitely a worth while investment purchase. I love how Olivia styles her, paired down and chic with floaty blouses and statement jewellery. xxx

Caroline said...

i would love a pair of leather trousers! they look good with anything x

januarysublime said...

Leather trousers can be a bit risky but when they are worn correctly, they can look really stunning!
JS xx

Hollie said...

I love leather trousers and have a really lovely pair from Gestuz, which are elasticated down the sides. However, the other night when I returned home wearing them, Tony kept giving me disdainful looks, and when I asked him what was up he replied with 'I just really don't like those trousers. They look like binbags. They just really don't suit you.' Charming!

I obv don't have the style (not to mention rump and thighs!) of Olivia or Rosie!

I love them though :-) I think I am going to try and find a pair that just have leather panels down the sides maybe so it's not quite such a statement xxx

Unknown said...

I like the look of leather pants/leggings too but I doubt it I will be able to pull it off with my short some what "muscular" legs (ok I may be exaggerating a bit). In the meantime I will just look at others' lol

Meera said...

These looks are amazing! Olivia has such an inspiring style, it is so elegant and edgy. These photographs are so chic. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Great suggestions. I have a pair of Yigal Azrouel pants which are part leather, and they have made me realise I need to get a real thing too. I like the J Brand suggestion, I've heard really good things about J Brand's fit too.

Sparkle said...

this post is amazing. so many good tips. great job!


Sydney PR Girl said...

This is such a great post! i have a pair of leather leggings which I LOVE and they're surprisingly flattering and versatile.
Ps I laughed at your reference to Ross on friends - such a funny ep!

Meg x

all about the girl said...

Wow this post makes me want leather trousers but I know I really couldn't pull them off! :( xx

Josie said...

They look gorgeous! I just got a pair of waxed trousers from get the same kind of look but they're a lot less scary to wear! xxx

Aurélie and Angelo said...

The leather trouser has rapidly become a staple, I can see it holding court for some seasons to come! Some great outfit examples! xxx

Anneli said...

Love these pictures - so inspiring! Ax

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice comment and for following me! This post is great!

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