Phillip Lim Pastels

Noticed a surge in pastels on the high street and wondering why?  Allow me to introduce you to Phillip Lim 3.1

It's cool, it's calm, it's elegant - it's everywhere!  Phillip Lim's show was the one to see last year, and as a result everyone is trying to get the look.  You'll need some peach, you'll need some purple and you'll need some similarly coloured, tailored, palazzo pants.  I love the injection of black too - makes it possible to work the look in the office.  The shops are going craaaaaaaaazzzyyyyy for this look.  Here are the best looks I've spotted from stores so far:

As texture is key here, make sure whatever you are wearing is made of the same fabric (hence me picking out entire looks from brands as you'll do best to buy from the same place.  Also, keep an eye out for the surge of yellow accessories, as I spotted last year during the September shows. Be smart about your purchases too - the orange and the white are the colours carrying through to AW12 (the baby pink, which also works).

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Luxx Mint said...

I love peach and lilac together and the black works surprisingly well. Am going to give this look a go!

The doll on fashion

januarysublime said...

Can't get enough of pastels! Especially nails and jewellery for some reason x

Laura said...

Wow, great looks!

theheadlessstylist said...

hey, just come across your blog and its great, i really love your style. Would love if you could check my blog out too and if you like it maybe we could follow each other, just follow and leave me a comment. Amazing blog


Anonymous said...

Ahhh this exact catwalk show inspired my new pastel wardrobe, its so so gorgeous. This is a really good post!! Following. xxxxxx

Georgiana xx said...

This was the show that made me say I need pastels in my life NOW!! I am still on the hunt for perfect pastel pieces, will have to check Zara out. Great post! xx


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