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Very sorry to anyone who wasn't overwhelmed by the Louis Vuitton SS12 show last year.  I was.  I loved it.  And I've blogged about it quite a bit as I've scoured every corner of the high street for ways to get the look on a budget.  Any way, we had some friends staying with us at the weekend from Amsterdam and they wanted to make full use of the high street over here in London (apparently they don't have as many cheaper stores as we do).  

So me and my friend spent the afternoon finding her some new shoes (finally settled on a lovely pair from Michael Kors) and during my shopping travels I spied upon a gorgeous white dress from Ted Baker that I instantly fell in love with.  It really reminded me of the dress and look that Kate Moss was wearing during the LV fairground show.  I know it isn't identical, but for me it was a good replica...

The delicate material and really beautiful detail around the bust.  I know it doesn't have the feathers etc, but it still has the kind of 'fairy' look.  Up close the flirty fabric better shows itself than in this photo, but believe me when I say it's gorgeous!  I think I'm going to make a naughty purchase for a wedding I have coming up in Geneva (is it ok to wear cream/white to a wedding? There is a pink version too...) My other post on the look is here, and I promise I will try and restrain myself with future LV inspired posts!

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StyleOnTheCouch said...

BUT I'd love it if you could tell me where to find her shoes, please. The perfect pair of white shoes is very difficult to find, but I'm thinking about this - so let me know if you find anything you feel works a la Moss here.

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