Paris Fashion Week, Look 3 - Cobalt Blue

It's going to be a very blue winter this year - but one you will very much enjoy. Cobalt is coming and not in way that is bad for your health...  It sneaked around in Milan, but in Paris the colour took hold.  Other blues were present at PFW - but overall cobalt was the core shade.  Comme des Garcons, Celine Lanvin and Kenzo all used the tone for outerwear (which is great news as I have an old piece in cobalt from 2008... yay) and all of them stuck to the same idea as NYFW and LFW with cocoon shaped coats (click on the show to see my previous reviews).

Comme des Garcons AW12 / Lanvin AW12

Kenzo AW12 / Celine AW12

Being a little bit of a geek, I was curious about the science behind the colour (I studied history/literature at school and finding out the significance of a character/individual wearing a certain colour at a certain point was often a key way an author/individual expressed themselves). So, cobalt blue is a colour of complete opulence.  It was only available in China, and the in 1800s it was used by the British to demonstrate true wealth as it was only possible to get hold of through strong connections (and a lot of shipping fees).  It was also very popular in porcelain and china.  Overall, it means it is expensive and you are quite clever to find it.  Read more here, if you're a geek like me.

Christian Dior AW12 / Christian Dior AW12

Kenzo AW12 / Jean-Charles de Castelbajac AW12

Christian Dior AW12 

Stella McCartney AW12 / Stella McCartney AW12

Lots of collections featured a mix up of cobalt and black - which was probably one of my favourite themes of the whole fashion week period.  Stella McCartney (above) used it the best, in my opinion.  Using black as a background colour, cobalt was picked to highlight the detail in technique - the brocaderie and tailoring really stood out.  Christian Dior had the same idea, placing heavy applique/embellishments to their cobalt pieces - loved the drama of their whole collection. 

I also loved Vanessa Bruno's similar look (below) with a slightly brighter blue - the pair up of black haunting lace and such a strong colour is gorgeous and definitely one I am going to try to mimic for AW12...

Other cobalt pieces were present at Lanvin, Carven, Isabel Marant (not pictured, but had hints of the colour in their knitwear) . My favourite ways to wear it are below - mix it up with a pattern like Jean-Charles de Castelbajac or go all out and wear a completely blue dress like at Lanvin, Carven and Stella McCartney.

Carven AW12 / Lanvin AW12

Stella McCartney AW12 / Jean-Charles de Castelbajac AW12

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Unknown said...

I love cobalt blue, was interesting to read about the meaning behind it but it definitely makes sense, it is such a rich, classic colour. Love the shift dresses and coats.

Josie said...

I love this colour, it's so easy to wear if you're a bit afraid of brights. It suits everyone too! Was interesting to read the history as well. xxx

Abi said...

great finds, love this colour! and lovely blog, now following :) xx

Anonymous said...


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