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Meet Alicia Stone, a self-titled jerseywear brand fresh from British soil (as are all good things).  Grazia have described her collections as 'wearable, buyable and covetable' and I can't think of a better way to coin her pieces. When I was first introduced to her website I instantly knew it was going to cost me some money... Her stuff is the kind of stuff we want to wear all the time.  It is very hard to find comfortable clothes that still make a fashion statement, but Stone achieves this effortlessly.

Alicia Stone Eddie Dress £137 here

As her site describes, her Summer 2012 collection bridges the gap between the high street and the catwalk with ease.  Her Jessie and Frankie dresses are the kind of pieces every girl needs - versatile, comfortable and very worktime to playtime.  Or, as my friend put it 'canvasses to go accessories crazy with.'  Priced at £106 for the Jessie, and £137 for the Frankie - these pieces are meant to last a long time, and will.  You could pay less on the high street but 'a mon avi' if you pay peanuts you get monkeys.  Quality like this is worth paying for.  They both come in a range of colours, and are available from the Young British Designers site (links below).

Frankie dress £137 here / Jessie dress £106 here

Alicia also makes fab tops and tees in easy to wear colours like whites, creams and grey marls.  You can check out the whole of her collection on the Young British Designers site here.  I can't stop looking at the Frankie dress, I love want it so badly!

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