Alexa Chung in Christopher Kane. Get the look

Alexa Chung / runway from Christopher Kane SS12

It is rare for me to jump at an outfit Alexa Chung wears, as gorgeous as she is she is a little bit 'Would like to date a drummer in a band' - I'm more of a, 'Give me a boy with a stable job and a hygiene routine.' I guess what I am trying to say is: she is much, much cooler than me, and all her cool hats, accessories and peter pan collars alienate me a little bit.  But I saw this outfit (above) and instantly fell in love.  It was from the famous SS11 Christopher Kane collection that made everybody cry.  I'm not massively surprised, the show was magnificent - have a look at the whole thing here.

Anyway, as Christopher Kane isn't exactly within my price range I've been on the hunt for alternatives.  And surprise, surprise ASOS were the ones to come up trumps.  Maybe it is that their site is the easiest damn thing to navigate yourself around, or maybe they really do have the answer to all of my fashion search queries - either way, they have some great pieces available that can give the same Kane look for less:

ASOS: £150 now £93 here / TFNC at ASOS: £45 here

ASOS: £65 now £32.50 here / River Island: £35 here

I know none of them are exactly the same, but they all have the embellished detail, with the cut off layer in the middle.  I love the pastel colours, I think the lemon ASOS one is my favourite - it comes in a gorgeous navy too.  A friend has it and it looks gorgeous on.  The cut of these dresses are really flattering, they stop at the right point under the shoulder (so hide that annoying podgy bit under your arms - or is that just me?) and the just-above-knee length is also great for anyone with thighs like mine...

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Thelma Frayne said...

I love her so much!

I just want the original!

Cee said...

I know just what you mean about Alexa - there is something about her that, in my life as a responsible adult, I just don't quite understand :) But there are times when she gets it absolutely right and this was definitely one of them - I love all of your get the look options, but that lemon one from Asos with the bow hem is really divine!

Alexandra said...

I LOVE this look on Alexa, it suited her so beautifully! So whimsical and sweet.

Alexandra ♥

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