Abbey Clancy at Paris Fashion Week

Well who'd have thought it, a WAG looking amazing at a Paris Fashion Week.  London had Lizzie Cundy on the front row (yes exactly, who?) but Paris pulled out the trump card: Abbey Clancy (and dressed her up in Louis Vuitton and made her look amazing).  I love this 'snow queen' type look - twill is massive for SS12, replicas are everywhere.

The best I have found is over at Zara (when I think about their SS12 collections I go a bit weak at the knees, it's so good).  I saw someone in it at the pub last night (hardly the same setting as Abbey's photos but it looked good none the less).  It doesn't have the feathers, but I guess you could always stop off by a farm and roll around the chicken pens for a bit to achieve the look... That part of the coat isn't one I will be rushing to match... I have found a coat and a jacket version...

Zara Twill Long Jacket £99.99 here

Zara Twill Short Jacket £89.99 here

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Luxx Mint said...

Abbey looks so different and looks a bit thinner than she used too.

Love that short Zara jacket, i'm looking for nice spring textured jacket.

The doll on fashion

Bella said...

Abby is looking very chic and stylish....I just can't forget that she's a wag, and therefore can't give her as much credit as someone like Clemence Poesy....she looks amazing, but its that same Cheryl Cole dilemma.....how judgemental am I?!

I love the jackets you've picked from Zara. I too, go utterly weak at the knees for their clothes from every season lately!

Bella x

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