Primark does Mary Katrantzou

I made no secret of my disappointment last week over the prices of the Mary Katrantzou for Topshop range. And why should I?  

I had been patiently waiting for the collection to come out, particularly after one shot of that dress coincidently slipped out on to the internet in October... £350?  Jog on, and be miserable about it... I'm going to hunt down alternatives like a hungry (wound up) lioness

So, after being made to feel like a pauper at the event (literally bounded up to the PR lady to order my dress, and then had to walk away like a homeless person gatecrashing a wedding when I was told the price) I decided to 'live like a King' and buy loads of stuff in Primark at the weekend.  

And you know what Topshop? You can take your Katrantzou pieces and shove them up your price tags.  Because Primark has done it even better than you.  I bought these trousers (£13) and may well go back for the jacket later in the week...

Remind you of anything?  Yes Fashionistas I hear you say - Mary Katrantzou.  The concept is simple; take one almighty print (floral, striped, bright) and put it on clothes fairly cheaply.  Topshop buying team, take note at the prices.

I left the store £13 worse off, but feeling one billion times better about my purchases.  Taking designer ideas and creating them for the high street - at a price people can afford.  Primark, I applaud you.

Mary Katrantzou SS12

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Style Servings said...

I posted about these items a while ago, good to know they're in store now! Love your choice of the trousers, may just do the same.. Take that, Topshop!

Sydney PR Girl said...

Can't decide if I want the trousers or the jacket?! Not sure if I'm brave enough to wear the whole ensemble. Fab finds though, and a steal compared to the Topshop range. Thanks for sharing!

Meg x

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