Minty Freshness is Bittersweet

I spent the entire weekend at home, reading magazines, websites and catching up on bloglovin on my favourite blogs.  Absolute bliss, and except for a few trips to the pub, it was lovely to make use of the new office space I've made myself in my flat to do all my blogging.  

I'm trying very hard alongside my blogger friend Dearne from nottinghillgirl to do 'Frugal February' and this weather is really helping - it's FAR too cold to be going outside.  But, as another friend pointed out - I am completely cheating.  Whilst I may not be actually buying anything this month, all I am really doing is putting together a list of things to buy in March...

Anywho, one thing that is definitely going on my list is a pair of mint green trousers.  I've been big on this colour ever since the abundance of it in the Spring/Summer 12 shows last September (quick review here)  I spotted a pair on a fab blog called bittersweetcolours, written by Veronica.  I loved her mix up grey marl and green - perfect, simple weekend style.

Coloured trousers and jeans were huge last year - but everything was very bold and beautiful.  This season seems to be about pastels and subtle tones.  What's great about outfits like this is that you can pair them up with your ordinary weekend clothes and you instantly look like you know your fashion-stuff.  

If you are fortunate enough to not suffer with 'muffin top' and are relatively tall, then the Topshop Jamie's should be one of your closest denim friends.  I am more of a Baxter girl (in other words: larger ass, shorter leg) and am very envious, as the Jamie's now come in peppermint (left)

Topshop jeans are fantastic - they are never expensive and always last a long time.  For £40, you really cannot go wrong.  Buy them here.  Or if you are stateside, buy them here for $80 (jeez you guys get ripped off over there...)

For a definite 'bargain basement' purchase then our American friends at Forever 21 are coming in handy.  Their store in Oxford St may be for the brave/hoards of Spanish tourists, but ever so often they create a little gem that sparkles bright enough to warrant us braving it inside.  

This pair of peppermints are a great example.  At £19, they tick every box when it comes to nailing the look.  They won't last you forever, but you don't really need them to.  Buy them here.

It's also worth keeping your eyes peeled in Zara - I went to their PR meet last December and they had tonnes of the colour in their samples but none seem to have made it's way on to the rails just yet.  American Apparel is always good for 'colour searching' too - here is all the stuff they have in mint at the moment.

Current/Elliott at netaporter - buy them here

There are a number of ways to wear the look, and if you're nervous of colour you really don't have to go as bright as Veronica above.  This pair of denims from Current/Elliott (above) are great.  At £160, they aren't the cheapest - but it also points to the quality.  

These babies fit as well as your own skin does.  They don't sag, they don't lose their shape - and as they are so pale in colour, I'd imagine you can roll them over in to autumn/winter (this colour was still all over the resort shows which is an indication that the trend isn't going anywhere).  Style them just as the model above has. Buy them here, or buy the Stiletto/print version here.  

So there is my round up of peppermint beauties - take your pic!

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Unknown said...

I'm really loving mint at the moment but I think I'll be sticking to it on my nails and accessories...would love a little mint clutch.

Emma xo

Imogen Chloe said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Loving your blog! Thanks so much for your comment on mine, following for sure!

Imogen x


Down This Road said...

loving mint coloured pants at the mo! and how good is butter sweet colours?! love V's blog! X

Unknown said...

Love this, I am also trying to get a little mint into my wardrobe... such a pretty hue :)
Girl in the Poodle Shoes

GRACE said...

hey you! thanks for leaving love on my blog!! i'm really loving this post, you give such great advice. i'm totally following you now~


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