London Fashion Week, Look 4: White Collars

I was lucky enough to get tickets to go the Paul Smith show with my friend Lilli, which was brilliant.  I've been to a couple before (and was very happy about going to a few this year) and everytime it astounds me how different the experience is of going to see a show versus flicking through the photographs on websites afterwards.  You have a much fuller appreciation for the skill in the clothes at a show, and seeing the outfit in 3D makes a real difference too.

Antonio Berardi AW12 / Antonio Berardi AW12

Aquascutum AW12 / Giles AW12

Any way, one look I picked up on from the show was the use of a good, crisp white collar.  It was in quite a few looks at Paul Smith, but also at Aquascutum, Simone Rocha, Giles and Antonio Berardi in London.  The look correlates quite well with the military coat styles that I really, really need to post about too - in that a woman in a collar really does feel like a power tool!

Giles AW12 / Paul Smith AW12

I really like the look, and it matches my theory that a good white shirt really is central to having a capsule wardrobe (read my essentials posts).  I like the idea of mixing up the textures and uses the collar to really 'man'up' an outfit...

Paul Smith AW12 / Paul Smith AW12

Simone Rocha AW12 / Simone Rocha AW12

I'm pretty relieved that London Fashion Week is over, I've been very slack in reading up about Milan too - I think I might take a little break and start again with Paris...  This last week has rushed by, and suddenly I am half way through the weekend.  Off to London Fashion Weekend tomorrow, wahey!  Not really sure what it is about, but I was given the tickets so am taking a few friends - will keep you posted on Twitter I am sure!

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Haute-fly said...

I love Paul Smith. Each season he delivers. Personal favourites are the sheer detailing, tailored blazers and structured collars.

Lovely post and great style blog.


Nari-Elle said...

Thanks for your nice comment :)

great post!

Anonymous said...

So lucky!! Also I love the first two looks :))

Stop by sometime, Natalie xo

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