Jaeger Boutique Fruit Print T-Shirts

I'm lucky enough to know a few people in the right places.  How I managed it I have no idea - I put it down purely to having very intelligent, driven and beautiful friends.  All skills required to work in useful places, I find.  The most useful of all is actually family - so when I spotted this t-shirt on a passer by, my handy sister knew straight away that it was from her company's summer collection.  Yay (that spared hours of frantic google searching).

Her tee was, by surprise, by Jaeger Boutique - a very different look to the rest of their collection, which is normally staged as the 'where Blair Waldorf would shop if she was forced to move to London' - have a look here if you don't believe me.  I can't decided which one to get, she was wearing the banana one - but now I really want the pineapple - reminds me of the collection Stella McCartney first did for Chloe before she got her own label... Most of you are probably too young to remember that. #fashionoldie

Buy these tees for £40 here.

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Sarah said...

Adore these!

Simone Crown said...

funny shirts! love them for spring which will be here very soon- at least I hope so! ;)

Kristen said...

the watermelon one is so cute!

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