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Louis Vuitton SS12 show, Paris

The collection that seems to have most influenced the high street is Louis Vuitton's SS12.  Hardly surprising, the show and everything from fair ground rides to Kate Moss.  And the clothes, well - just amazing.  The pastel colours, the embellishments - the Mad Men style boucle jackets and pencil skirts.  I just love it.  But me being me, I refuse to pay the prices (even though I spent a good hour trying it all on for fun at Harvey Nichols last week).  So here are the best pieces I have found/hunted down so far...

A special mention really does have to go to River Island who have totally nailed the look.  So impressed with this company - they arguably lost their way a few years ago, but now every collection really does impress.  I love ALL of their pieces around this trend - going to take some serious willpower not to spend a lot of money in their stores this summer.

So as you can see, very easy to find pieces that tick boxes for this look.  Buy yourself an alice band and a kohl liner - and you're all set.

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Walking In May said...

Loving the candy colours spin with 1950s vintage style!! Makes spring utterly delicious and brightens up a gloomy London day! :) Following you on Bloglovin now...so I look forward to your lovely new posts!
May x

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