Bastyan Embellished Lapel Tuxedo

You may have already heard of this label - they are on a huge PR drive at the moment.  If not, it's definitely worth making time to have a look at them.  

Launched in 2010 by Tonia Bastyan (formerly one half of Press and Bastyan, and Whistles Senior Designer), Bastyan's clothes are just the right mix of clean lines and colour - with the mix up of textures making them enough to stand out of the crowd. 

I went to a bloggers breakfast with Bastyan in December last year and fell in love with some of the pieces. You will be seeing a lot more of it on the blog in months to come.  Starting up with this - a fantastic white tuxedo jacket which is currently reduced from £275 to £50 - a complete bargain.  

Get it now or forever regret it - click here to buy.

White jackets are becoming more and more of a staple - I'm currently assembling a post for my 'essentials' series about them.  They are great pieces, and if you buy well then it really does make you look rather expensive - which is only ever a good thing, surely?  Here are a couple of pictures to help show you how to style it.

picture source / picture source (via atlantic pacific)

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Arden Rubens (TOPCOAT) said...

I am loving a white blazer! Gorgeous. xx

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