Atlantic Pacific's Zara dress

Remember the sugar puff style dress that Zara brought out last year?  I have the floral one that Olivia Palermo wore, and the black and white lace style that Kate Middleton wore in December to the Royal Opera House.  So, it would be totally pointless for me to buy another version, which is very annoying as their SS12 collection has a real gem in it, as sported by Atlantic Pacific recently (above and below).

This is nothing short of absolutely gorgeous.  It reminds me of the Chanel Resort 12 collection in Paris a few months ago - delicate, sexy, pastel pinks, twill/tweed, structure etc.  A little bit like a round up of the look Poppy Delevigne, Alexa Chung and Laura Bailey are sporting below last year.

You can buy it here for £70 - please don't tell me if you do as I will cry with jealousy.  Absolutely love Zara's SS12 collection - I haven't braved it into the store just yet - I am saving myself for a shopping trip with Sarah from StyleOnTheCouch when she comes over to London in a couple of weeks time. Sarah, hurry up!

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Rachel - Notes from my closet said...

Such a beautiful dress! It's a really great shape and colour :)

Love, Vanilla

Unknown said...

Thanks for featuring one of my favourite bloggers Atlanta Pacific lol Her Zara dress is indeed gorgeous!

Unknown said...

I nearly bought this the other day! It's really pretty...maybe I'll buy it. Actually, no. It's Frugal February. Damn it! :(

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