Vince Sequinned Skirt from NetAPorter

So, how are the diets holding up?!  I'm guessing by now I'll be climbing the walls wanting something sugary and probably considering munching on Lopez's chocolate treats.  Gross.  I hope your efforts are going better and stronger than mine...  Anywho, I've blogged a couple of times about Vince and also the idea of a sequined skirt.  However, I never thought that one of their own pieces would be quite so heavily reduced!  On netaporter this lovely number is now almost half price at £153.

Firm believer that a sequined skirt is an essential.  Some people don't see it, but I do.  It livens up an outfit and gives you some instant va va voom.  In my mind it will never go out of style either.  You can mix it up with a smart blazer, or a little wool jumper - whatever you like! To give you an additional kick up the bottom to buy one, have a look at these pictures found via pinterest (new love, follow me - top left - if you aren't already) for some inspiration...

Pictures via this list on Pinterest - including from the blogs; theglitterguide, thistimetomorrow, Stripes and Sequins, lateafternoon, Reasons to Breathe and Gal Meets Glam

Buy the skirt here from netaporter.com.

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Diana ♥ said...

I love sequin skirts, the cute ones, although some can look a bit tacky. I'm in love with the ones from All Saints, however they are soooo pricey! Waaaa! :(


simply h² said...

Love this! Such a great post :) I hope 2012 is a great year for you!


Elle Croft said...

I agree - a sequin skirt is an instant wardrobe pick-me-up, and it's on my list to add to my wardrobe this year. Unfortunately I can't afford this little number, because it really is gorgeous!!

Molliee said...

I adore this skirt! I love all the different ways you found it styled:)

Anonymous said...

You have impeccable taste. I was looking at exactly this same skirt on Net-A-Porter today! Its too tempting. My legs aren't up to this at the moment.....but come April, we'll see!

Jess said...

Love the post! And great color on the skirt. Perhaps I may have to pick one up in gold!!

Closet Fashionista said...

Oh how I love that skirt!!! :)

Heather said...

You are so right! A sequin skirt isn't just for special occassions :)


apieceoftruffle said...

Thank you for the sweet comment! <3 anyway, im trying to find a sequin skirt like that here! but to no avail. :/ and I cant afford the link you gave also! hahah! im still a student so it sucks. ;) but that would definitely go to my 'list of owning before 2012 ends'


nikki said...

i adore this post! i have been eyeing sequin skirts for ages.

xo, nikki


Unknown said...

I totally agree, a sequin cute skirt is a great piece to have! Still looking for the perfect one!
Hayley xxx

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