The Essential: Navy Blazer

Hope you are enjoying the essentials posts I'm doing - I'm using it to help myself tame my ever growing wardrobe.  South Molton St Style was started to help channel my fashion habit into a different form other than spending my hard earned cash.  I'm 27, I need a house.  I think the easiest way to stop buying clothes, is to happy with what you've got already - so I'm collecting a strong capsule wardrobe to help me always have something to wear.

Next up - a navy blazer.  Everyone has a blazer, but I think you need a couple (all of which I will post on).  Thinking down the British style route I think you need a particular style; it has to have gold buttons.  For some reason, it doubles the 'preppy style' counter and given the Balmain and Alexander McQueen collections are all the rage for 2012. / unknown source

jennifer aniston in balmain / duchess of cambridge in alexander mcqueen

You can wear it for any occasion - all the celebs with the 'classic style' mantra have them as shown in the pictures.  Pair it with a breton style top (cue: another essential post) for a sailor-style type look.  Or use it to formalise a pair of jeans with some heels.  Regardless, you need one if you're going for the British style look. And remember to buy one that actually fits you (you must be able to do the buttons up even if you never intend to)

Where to buy yours:
Smythe - fab Canadian brand, worn by Kate Middleton herself. Available at Matches in the UK
Jack Wills - heritage English name, very good at all this 'prep style' and against popular belief, you don't need to be 18 and have attended public school to wear it
Mango - probably not a name you expected to see, but Mango are fab for their blazers and always mimic the prep theme

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Josie said...

I think these essentials posts are such a good idea, can't wait to see more. x

Pearl said...

I love this post - and all of your aggregate posts - so much inspiration surrounding one item!


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