[Crush] Cara Delevingne and Eddie Redmayne for Burberry

Anyone else seen My Week with Marilyn?  Me and the boy went to see it over Christmas and I fell in love with Eddie Redmayne.  So pretty, but more to the point - such an obvious face for Burberry.  British and sexy.  Michelle Williams did a fine job as Marilyn, but for me it was Eddie who shone through brightest.

So I was far from surprised when these photos were released, Mario Testino doing some fine work for Burberry once again.  Alongside Cara, Eddie looks gorgeous.  Lovely to see some pretty, British faces dominating the fashion scene.  Go team.

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Alba said...

Thank you for your comment, lovely pictures, I love her :)

Shopping Obsession said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm following you now. You have a great blog!!

Caviar Taste said...

Love these ads. Eddie is so handsome! Totally fell in love with him in My Week with Marilyn. Yummy


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