Milan Fashion Week, Look 4 - Florals

Onto Look 3 of our Milan Fashion Week round up and it's all about florals.  Bright, brash and bold floral prints adorned almost every surface in the Italian fashion capital.  First up, florals came in all forms at the Marni show - from perspex poppies on micro minis to all out 60s neon prints.  Somehow it works - but I do worry if I was to try and copy on the latter I'd end up looking like my grandmother in drag.  I love the way the house have shown that you can either use look as a side piece with a simple top, or go all out and postively bathe in brightly coloured flowers.

Hardly surprising that Dolce and Gabbana were all over this look - where there is bright and patterned, there is D&G. They went one stage further and instead of florals and fruits, they put bold vegetable prints all over the pieces - onions, aubergines, tomatoes, chilli peppers and even the ever chic courgette cropping up on of the shoulder, full skirted dresses, pencil skirts worn with off the shoulder, cropped peasant tops and 1950s knickers and frilled bras.

Antonio Marras' comparatively conservative collection also featured from floral prints - uses fushcias and lilac colourings on some full skirts and shirt dresses.  Note the use of sheer alongside the fabrics here - this will be big, everyone was doing it....

Blugirl went for all out romance with floaty fabrics and pastelled tones alongside their florals.  Hints of SS11 Erdem in this collection - in fact, it could be argued he started this look... a year ago.

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Duchess of Cambridge's TopShop spree..

We don't mean to brag, but does the Duchess of Cambridge maybe possibly read South Molton St Style?  Just days after we posted about this gorgeous cobalt blue Topshop jacket with velvet suit, but is Kate spotted in the Topshop in High Street Kensington (moments from her new home at Kensington Palace) buying the jacket.  Here is our initial post as proof, and here is the Daily Mail article to prove it.  Well, if it's in the Mail it must be true...  She also bought this lovely pencil skirt...

Cobalt jacket here                                          Spotted Pencil Skirt here

Apparently she fitted in like anyone else, and it was only when the manager announced he had just served the future Queen on the loudspeaker that many people noticed.  This is what we love about Kate, she does a brilliant impression of being just like us.   She should have told me she liked that jacket, I'd have loaned it to her and borrowed one of her McQueens in return.

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Milan Fashion Week, Look 3 - 1920s Glamour

Milan felt like a time travelling experience at times, as some collections threw you right back into the 1920s era - the glitz and glamour, the wealth (it was in this time that the world experienced it's first full financial boom, to end with a bang by 1928...) and fabulousness of the era.  It seemed somewhat ironic that whilst this time was being referenced inside, outside the world's politicians debated over the future of the European economy - Italy's part being rather large.

Starting off with Gucci, above, the collection was bold, gold and gregarious.  Inspired by the Great Gatsby, the low slung, pleated chiffon and dinner jackets oozed 20s sex appeal.  Colour scheme was simple yet effective: green, gold, black and white - with bold patterns and plenty of frill.  Frida Giannini called it her 'Hard Deco' look, we agree.  The closest in comparison to this show was TopShop Unique show (see it here on my guest post at - and when Gucci's prices start at £400, I know where I'm going to get the look...

Etro next who successfully combined the vibrance of the tribal look, calmness of the pastels, with the demure of the 1920s.  Probably one of the most innovative amalgation of trends this season, the collection was entitled 'The New Jazz Age.'  Focussing on simple silhouettes as a backdrop to complez art deco patterns and textures.  They were highlighted by scatterings of sequins, encrusted with beads, sprinkled with crystals.  Tuxedo jackets crop up again, as do silks and flair.  These clothes were made to have a good time in, as all clothes should be...

Next up, a Roberto Cavalli show is never going to be an understated affair. He excels at the sexy, glamorous maximalism that is Milan's signature.  In keeping with the art deco look: Glitzy gold jackets, embellished black cocktail dresses and skirts with sequinned knife pleats that opened to reveal feminine florals. Leopard prints sat against boldly picked out florals in drop waisted dresses that had sequin bands wound round the hips.  

Although without the sparkle and colour in some collections, Emporio Armani's monochrome show certainly followed the art deco look with their cloche hats and tuxedo jackets.  The augmented flower work on the shoulder of the dress below is also textbook 1920s...

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Milan Fashion Week, Look 2 - Flamboyant Footwear

From Fashion @ The Telegraph

The shoes from the Milan collections are not for the faint hearted.  Basically, invest in some Scholl stuff - creams, rubs, soothers - or do want my first ever boss did and rub ibuprofen gel into your feet before you put on your heels.  I wish I was kidding - it made my office smell like a sports' changing room - and her hands were always sticky.  She looked awesome though...

Clockwise from top left: perspex mega-heels at glamorous Versace (so high infact that they caused seasoned model Lindsey Wixson to take a topple!), Cadillac inspired wedges at Prada, silk florals at D&G and minimalist chic at Emporio Armani. Missoni went for extravagant florals while Bottega Veneta opted for neutral slingbacks.

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Milan Fashion Week, Look 1 - White

Everything is gonna be all white... Sorry, terrible play on words forgive me.  But if Milan is anything to go buy, I may have a point.  Whether it was within the boundaries of the sportswear, romantic or all out jazztastic (well, this is the Italians after all) the colour that isn't a colour was all over the place in the Italian collections.  Lovely to see as the Milan shows make my head spin with all that grandeur and spectacle.

Raf Simons is just on another level, again.  Jil Sander's SS11 collection put a whole new meaning on the plain white T shirt - it was turned from the piece everyone throws on at the weekend when nothing else is clean (although you probably have a strange food stain on it somewhere), to an absolute staple to be partnered up with a bright maxi skirt.  We hope he manages to do the same for the 'all over white' look next year, as the lack of colour in the outfit made the tailoring and design stand out a whole mile more.  Love. PS - note the hint of mint on the 5th picture... The colour to have for SS12.

Clean lines and sportswear themes from Marni

Marni and Maxmara both worked the look into their sportwear pieces, very successfully.  Not sure if I would feel comfortable wearing active-style outfits that are all white, as I might look like I am going to the tennis all the time, but none the less again the lack of colour makes the craftsmanship shine out.  Texture, sheer and simplicity is key when using white, and I love it.

Between the flamenco and court madness at Moschino, white played a part.  Demonstrating that texture can make a white outfit anything but plain - the label paired the tone up with lace, pattern and flamboyance.  Love the head pieces too - would imagine that'll spark a less floral wedding-wear trend for next year.

Remind anyone of a SS11 Topshop dress anyone?

Finally, Emporio Armani went down the monochrome route, with key white staples paired up with black.  Love the tuxedo jackets and smoking, Chicago style outfits.  Text book Armani chic, the collection had an art deco/1920s theme.  Texture again plays a major role - and the hats and structure in the dresses will be a look to watch.

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