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When Blake rocked up to the Marchesa party this year in this little number, it cemented one more trend - tassles.  Tribal wear has been a look that many of the fashion elite has been taking on, hence my earlier post (here) on the pieces available.

Tassle-come-tribal-come-fringing was huge for SS11 and furthermore for AW11.  It seems to have stemned from the Cowboy look, and has now gone deeper into the Tribal collections.  Here is an amazing skirt from Matther Williamson that does the same (for £1795).

Get the look
Generally speaking, striped patterns are big - so anything with a mix of design, angles and stripes can count when trying to mimic Blair's look. Keep in mind that this trend will probably fade - so spend what you can afford to, to wear something you can only step out in this season.

For the ultimate statement piece that will absolutely cover you over into AW11 (metallics = huge) then look no further than Topshop for these amazing little shorts.  And I mean little.

This look will only get bigger - so watch out for tight fitting fringing and tassles.  The more vibrant and variant the prints, the better.

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[Icon] Jean Shrimpton

Ever wondered when women suddenly started wearing mini skirts?  You knew it happened in the swinging 60s, but you probably didn't know who was responsible?  Meet Jean Shrimpton.  In 1965, Shrimpton caused a sensation in when she arrived for an Australian Derby wearing a white shift dress designed by Colin Rolfe which ended 10 cm above her knees. She wore no hat, stockings or gloves and wore a man's watch, which was unusual at the time.  This looked caused a sensation worldwide, and fashion has never quite been the same since.

But Jean did so much more than make it acceptable to wear skirts above the knee - she was the world's very supermodel, she created the babydoll look with heavy mascara, bows and low cut dresses - she also was the first famous woman to rarely wear heels.  Her outfits propelled us into the swinging sixties; Here are a few of my favourite pictures/outfits of hers:

She makes put a whole new meaning on the word 'sophisticated' and was the lady who created the motto 'legs or tits' that so many girls stand by.  Shift dresses, feminine shirts, monochrome patterns, eyeliner, mini skirts, flat shoes and many a celebrity (and characters like Blair Waldorf) owe "The Shrimp" a thank you.

Get her look

Shift dresses

These are everywhere, but to get them Jane Shrimpton style they need to be either one colour, or very boldly patterned - and always very well tailored.  Marc Jacobs is an expert at making the shift into the ultimate sext dress, like this one above.

Flat Shoes

These are a staple anyway, you probably won't need to buy any.  Buy them either patterned or plain - the bolder the better, either in design or brightness.  Don't be afraid too splash some money on these - you'll wear them every day.

Mini skirts

Firstly, have a look at my posting on Zara's SS11 coloured minis as these really do fit the bill nicely here.  Here is a picture of them below, and I am seeing a lot of these around!

A well tailored mini skirt should be an essential in every girl's wardrobe.  It can be worn to any occasion if paired with the right pieces.  You can add a shirt and tights with it to work, or go bare legged and strap on some heels for some instant 'wow' in the evenings.  So, it should be chosen with care - you could justify spending some cash on it if you wish...

or for a slightly more feminine look try this one in Broderie Anglaise fabric...

Steven Alan - £135

For high street options, ASOS once again has some winners:

Also check out my post on Sunday Girl, whose bows and feminine Vs tailoring screams Jean Shrimption.  Also, for her watches check out Michael Kors for some strong, masculine time tickers.  Or check out Calvin Klein's current range:

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Boutique: Olivia Rubin

With her seventh collection in full swing - all hail Olivia Rubin.  Born out of Central Saint Martins school in London and interning with McQueen and Gauthier, Rubin's graphic prints are becoming an essential piece of any style savvy woman east of the Atlantic...

Diana Vickers

Fearne Cotton

Rochelle / The Saturdays

Fearne Cotton

Cheryl Cole

High street collaborations with Dune and helped propel her name - as have British stars from Diana Vickers to Fearne Cotton sampling her dresses.  Her designs are an essential purchase, as her bold prints are only one part of the talent - the fit and shape of her collections are fantastic. 

Olivia Rubin for Dune

Her signature brick print (below) is a good place to start, and with prices starting from £40, who can resist? With the bold and beautiful taking over SS11 (and continuing into AW11) her pieces are a true investment, and I would advise purchasing before the hype takes over and prices escalate. 

Have a look at her website: Olivia Rubin

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Boutique: Cath Kidston

We're into the final few days before the wedding and there is definitely a buzz about town!  Street party planning is in full swing, and even though I won't be in the country - I'm feeling more patriotic than ever!

Cath Kidston

On Saturday morning I had a lovely surprise from Cath Kidston in the form of a celebratory tea towel for this week's royal wedding.  When every man and his dog is flogging knock off Kate and Wills mugs, Cath Kidston seems to be one of few capable of keeping the day classy and quintessentially British.

Anyone in London, or even the UK, will have probably noticed the thousands upon thousands of Union Jacks and similing faces of Kate Middleton and Prince William of Wales.  Even the most cynical of you must be a little bit excited?  London looks amazing with all the ribbons and bunting across Regent Street, and Buckingham Palace is being polished to the inch...

Cath Kidston is certainly leading the way with their engagement goodies - so I recommended you go and take a look - their stores look fantastic in the run up to the big day, or check them out online here.  Their Royal Engagement pack, at £30 (above) covers every base.  And also check out that my earlier posting on their engagement tee.

Also, make sure you have a look at their linen and homeware - I've become some what addicted since moving into the new flat...

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High Street: Primark Striped Maxi (Jil Sander)

One of the most inspiring collections from SS11 was Jil Sander's - with their bold stripes, maxi skirts and dress and bright colour blocking.  Certainly a look I have been going for since forever - here's a posting I did back in February on their pink coloured skirt.  But one piece I have tried really hard to copy is the bold dress above - so cute!  So imagine my joy when the clever guys at Primark put one together for £12...

Go and buy it now, before only the ridiculous sizes are left!

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Designer: Roberto Cavalli Tribal Necklace

This is something which you will either love, or probably judge me for writing about.  Roberto Cavalli's SS11 show exhibited some of the most 'out there' jewellry in a while... All with a tribal feel.  Famous for dressing the attention seeking and the eccentrics, it is no surprise that Roberto is responsible for pieces such as this:

So crazy it's almost good - could certainly be your one and only piece to show you get the whole tribal thing... But probably one best not wear when meeting the parents.  Mine would certainly make references to Lord of the Rings or white witches.  But, if it's your thing (girl on the tube today, I salute your bravery) then Miss Selfridge have a great high street version for £40.

So to all your girl braver than me - I am in no doubt that a confident girl could make this look cool...  For now, I'll stick to the basics...

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High Street: Kate Middleton's Warehouse Summer Dresses

It was her late future mother in law that was known as the People's Princess - but with Kate shopping on the high street in her lunchbreaks, she seems far more 'down with the kids.'  Shopping on the Kings Road on Tuesday afternoon, Kate popped into Warehouse and spent £225 on 3 summer dresses for her honeymoon.

She also popped into Banana Republic and picked up a couple of pieces... This only leads to the most important question - with all these summery purchases where is the royal honeymoon going to be!?

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Look for SS11: Red Trousers

Noticed a trend that seems to be catching on in the UK - red trousers.  Seem to be worn far more as day wear, with lots of denim or sharply tailored options.

Cheryl Cole, Katie Holmes, Rachel Bilson and Sarah Jessica Parker

I've had a good look around as I want to buy a pair of these myself.  Not sure whether to go down the jeans route or the trouser one - both have their advantages.  Really like the idea of some staple heels, red tailored trousers and crisp white shirt...  Here are the best ones I have come across:

Oasis - £45

think these are my faves, first saw them in Grazia, and they're the only ones that don't make my legs look like things that belong on poultry...

Happy Shopping!

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