Oasis New Years Eve Dress

I've been on the hunt for a New Years Eve party dress, and have finally found one.  I'm going to some friends of ours, tricky party to dress for as it's at a house, mixed age range and I also apparently need to look 'alright' as lots of my boyfriend's friends are there.  

As much as he would never say it, boys want their girls to look good at these things... That's my theory anyway.  I also feel MASSIVE after eating a billion mince pies and eating pudding and rum sauce for breakfast for the last week, oops.  This dress from Oasis is perfect, and now only £40.

Metallic dresses are everywhere, and the shift-type style are my favourites - above are Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner (never, ever, thought I'd post a picture of her) wearing a similar (find a bow belt) piece by Contrarian.  

Slightly Blair Waldorf with a touch of prude about it without looking Bridget-Jones ish.  What I mean is; it's got just enough flesh to remind people you are female, without revealing your Spanx pants or upsetting the grandparents.  It's also a great base for an accessory overload - meaning you can wear it differently a number of times.... Sound investment.  Buy it here.

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Style Servings said...

It's perfect for your event!!! I really like it, so pretty!

Diana ♥ said...

ooh, it's pretty and on sale too! :)

Anonymous said...

That's a great choice. Take some pics for us!

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