Little Red Dress Hunting

Ever since I've spied this picture on pinterest I've wanted a little red dress.  I've had a little hunt on to find a suitable one - red is such a hard colour to buy as it can easily look cheap.  (HOW Erdem managed to make red lace look expensive I will never know, as an example).  I want lipstick red, deep red - none of this 'could be a bra from La Senza' red.  

And I've found it at Jaeger Boutique and it's in the sale!  Reduced from £115 to £65, this really is a bargain.  I have a couple of these dresses now, as my sister has got them for me (thank you) and they are uber flattering and comfortable.  Click here to buy.

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signature mix said...

How cute is that dress and the pinterest inspiration. I'm in the market for a great red dress too. I wonder if they ship to the states. Loving your blog and following you too!

Jo - Lost in the Haze said...

Oh goodness, now I completely want a red dress too! <3 What a beautiful look! I adore the scarf she paired with it too!

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