Duchess of Cambridge in Lace Zara Dress

I decided to be really naughty at the weekend and spent money on myself... I promised myself this Christmas that in December all money would go on presents. Then I saw a gorgeous black and white lace dress from Zara in Bond Street, and bought it.  What I loved about it was that no one else had it. So, I am a combination of flattered and p*ssed off that Kate Middleton aka Duchess of Cambridge has gone and bought the same one...

Whatever Kate buys, sells out in an instant (I would give you the link - reluctantly - but it isn't online) so I am now praying that no-one else from my company buys it as I want to wear it at our Christmas party next week..!  It is really gorgeous, can see why Kate bought it.  It has bone inside so really flatters your shape.  It's £69.99 too, knock yourselves out!

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Unknown said...

love the dress!

and boy clothes are definitely the way forward! : )



Angelic said...

wow love this blog- count me as a new follower!

i love this look on Kate, she always knows how to pull off a classic look

Belles On Style said...

Serious well done for spotting it first :)I love that dress! and it made so many front pages the next day! gorgeous blog. xx

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