Harvey Nichols' Christmas Ad Campaign

I absolutely love this video, finally a campaign which gives an accurate description of a girls' Christmas activities in London...

I've sent this around to everyone I know! I, am unfortunately the subject of all the jokes at this time of year due to an epic performance on my part at a Christmas party.  Not my proudest moment; ended up waking in A&E (thats ER to the Americans...) dressed as Santa, on a drip.  With no phone, keys, any belongings... Ended up having to call my parents to take me home because I had no idea how to get into my flat...  Ergh.  Hoping someone else has a worse one, but it's taking some finding...

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Style Servings said...

I loveeee this video! Genius concept!

Unknown said...

I love it! So funny and realistic! xxx Hayley

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