[Essential] White Denims

I've been banging on about owning a pair of white jeans for ages, I love them.  I think women panic about looking large in them - but it's all about the style you wear, not the concept.  For me, no 'look' says expensive like a well fitted pair of white jeans and heels.  They are a blank canvas for you to dress up, dress down and never fail to look impressive.

Or, with flats at the weekend.  Elizabeth Hurley once said, 'a woman can be transformed by a pair of white denims and a few squats.' Amen sister, amen.  Love the whole white-jean-denim-shirt-blazer look - definitely worth holding off the potatoes for.  Oooh and white jeans with a breton top.

White denim always stays in style, whereas the blue shades of jean go in and out.  Arguably, a pair of whites will last you longer.  Understand that if you have a little one (be that a child, or a puppy in my case) that they aren't always ideal, but for those precious moments without them - they are perfect.  I've worn mine to death - going to have to buy another pair next year.

I did a post last year which helps you find the right jean style for you here but essentially have a look at this - great website to help you find styles to suit your shape.  As you can see from the piccies, it isn't necessarily the age old 'boot cut for fatties, skinnies for skinnies' - you can make styles work.  None of that muffin top though girls, come on, a size up won't hurt. 

 One tip I was given though is never put loose fitting tops with loose fitting bottoms, or the same with tight top and tight bottoms.  One or the other... Does that make sense?  I'm waffling a little!

My favourite places for jeans are:

Topshop - classic and under £50
J Brand - totally perfect, buy a size up
Oasis - surprising for some, but their Denim Director is ex Diesel
Whistles - they do really good classic shaped jeans

All pics via this pinterest list.  Notable features include: The Glitter Guide, We Are Wardrobe, Musings in Feminity, The Pursuit Aesthetic

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Laura Bray said...

Love white denim, but I'd be way to scared to wear it I'm so shocking with staining clothes!


Unknown said...

Said this on Twitter but:

I am LOVING your new post. I really want some white jeans and you've given great advice here, cause I have a big butt :) xx

Diana ♥ said...

Ooh, I'd def a fan of white denim jeans too! I think they just look oh so fresh and clean cut and actually very versatile!

Unknown said...

I love white jeans and the allure you can obtain by associating them well with other pieces but I just can't manage to buy any....XXX Hayley

Down This Road said...

LOOVE! those parisian women just get it oh so right all the time!!! X

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