[Essential] The Little Black Jacket

Thats 'Little Black Jacket' to anyone who doesn't know.  I live in mine, from Topshop.  It frames pretty much every outfit I own, and fits me really well.  A jacket isn't just about keeping warm, it can make a huge white tee look shapely, and give a girl some tailoring.  This is the next part of my Essentials series.

Get one, get it fitted - shoulders, arm length and bust - and always make sure it is clean - coffee stains or baby sick is never fashionable.  Am a true believer that a black jacket, fitted jeans and white t shirt (with heels and a v expensive handbag) is the perfect outfit to impress.  From the School of Aniston I think...

These pictures were all from this list via pinterest, which if you aren't already you should get on board with.  For excellent street style tips, it really doesn't get any better.  Spotted the usual Carolines Mode, The Fashion Dealer, Refinery 29 and a lovely Tumblr account called apursuitaesthetic - ooh and the gorgeous Peony Lim.

Where to buy your jacket

Smythe - amazing Canadian brand, owned by a friend's sister. Simply wow.
Zara - always great for jackets, less so for ladies with large chests (so I am told)
COS - always a favourite of mine, you really cannot go wrong here. But do make sure this isn't a trend piece and so is 'canvas' enough for you to wear season after season
Jaeger Boutique - bare with me, this isn't like Jaeger.  It doesn't smell of moth balls. Love the Boutique range.
Massimo Dutti - my best one is from here, love it

Remember this is an investment piece, and it is really important it fits you well.  Even if you never intend to do it up, make sure you can easily fasten any buttons or possibly a zip. Also make sure it fits you across you shoulders - a pet hate is girls who squeeze into jackets and then their top-arm is wider than their shoulder.  Sorry to be a little catty - but just go a size up, who cares!  

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Unknown said...

I love leather troouser and blazer so edgy

Unknown said...

totally agree !! i have three blazers and I can't stop wearing them season after season !
btw, I also LOVE Cos !! I'm lately in love with the nordic style ;)
Big kiss !!

ashi said...

nice@ i need myself a new one that fits nicely, thats the only problem i have!

Unknown said...

I guess I´m the same school :D

Jane Who said...

I can agree with you 100%. The LBJ is one of my longest obsessions and it's not going anywhere in the near or far future, because of the way I feel in it, in any tailored jacket actually. The second I put on a LBJ, it's like Roisin Murphy's "I'm overpowered" starts playing from nowhere, seriously.
LBJ is truly magical.

Lovely blog!

Anna Walker said...

CUTE! I love the idea of the LBJ I love the 6th picture a lot for inspiration on how to wear it! super cute! :)
PS You totally have gotten a new follower!

Hope you're having a lovely day!

Trudy said...

I'm really enjoying your Essentials series and love your selections so far. I have a camel coat, acquired a few months ago (and love it). I don't have a black jacket as it is too harsh in colour for me, but have a navy instead.

For more inspiration to style these basic elements you might like Inspired Capsule. It provides daily posts for styling the core elements in a capsule wardrobe.

Melissa:: Strong Sense of Style said...

Love the blazers but more importantly, I need the Givenchy bag in the 2nd pic (top row). Ugh, SANTA PLEASE!

rich girls. said...

oh gosh, i live in my blazers too.
they're probably my fave stable piece in my wardrobe.
L O V E that shot of karmen pedaru. i posted it on my blog not too long ago. it's exactly something i would wear on a day-to-day basis.
ps. thanks sooo much for your comment, lovely! i'm insanely jealous of elin's hair aswell. and her perfect scandinavian style. merry christmas to you too! x.

Pearl said...

There are so many ways to wear it - and all of them look amazing. You make incredible compilations!


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