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This is Geneva, one of the most beautiful people inside and out, that I know.  I am lucky enough to call her a friend - we met through another mate, Amanda, at the Cartier Polo in 2007 and united over a barrel of pimms and very sweaty outfits (one of us more than the other, ahem).  Anyway, she has a blog - apairandaspare.  You lot probably already know about it, because it is a) massive and b) awesome.  

Anyway, she is one of those friends who you just accept is much cooler than you - but after this pic of her DIY'd Acne inspired necklace I decided I HAD to be able to wear neon yellow.  She did a further piece on a beach bag for Harpers Bazaar above. Anyway, I'm determined to wear more daring colours (with my whites, browns and blacks though, obviously) - so I found these pictures to help give me some inspiration.  Love the American Apparel clutch, and Hanneli's satchel...  You really don't need to wear a lot of it to get the overall look either.

I bought the nail varnish (from Illamasqua here) in the end (wimp I know) and will be buying the belt and satchel.  This colour goes so well with tan/camel - so I will be pairing it with my camel coat and new trench. BOOM. Oooh, and follow apairandspare on Twitter - she tweets cool stuff... Remember not to spend too much on this - this is just a phase - but hey, it looks good with a white shirt, jeans and a trench coat so it is worth updating your classics for!

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NB - to all who emailed about my mittens, I had a massive image screw up and had to take the pics down - will do a tutorial when I am back from Sweden at the weekend. xx


Unknown said...

oh my goodness she is such an inspiration love the neon necklace and bag of Hanneli love this blog sweetie thanks for sharing besos Virgit
don't forget to enter my giveaway

liveonbeauty said...

i just loved those ideas! the acne tutorial might also work for a sweater! really nice! I am always happy to find a nice blog! apairandspare is indeed a very nice blog, its always so nice to read creative and interesting blogs cause theres lot of girls who ar ejust the same, mass produced, they forget about fashion and individuality. i am gonna keep reading the blog now. if u have the chance, come and visit ours! liveonbeauty.org

Unknown said...

A touch of fluo is always great! Thanks for making me discover your friend Geneva: her blog is great and very helpful!

Geisslein said...

Aaaah - I´m SO SO SO IN LOVE with neon! great gloves...GREAT! greetings from germany, geisslein

Style Servings said...

Amazing, what a fab idea!! Love it!


A Refinaria said...

The gloves are just too sweet!
I really need to do this DIY.
thank you for the tip!

Val - A Cleaner Closet said...

Love these touches of neon on the mittens! I just found you through Geneva's post and am glad I did. Following you now and looking forward to more!


KW said...

Love it!!!Sooo cute!I have earrings to match...lol I really do...Tasssles :-)


Michelle's Style File said...

Lovine neon!


Anonymous said...

Love this post - the DIY necklace is amazing, she looks great!! :)

B x


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