Alexander McQueen Ready to Wear SS12

I was browsing the press pages of Alexander McQueen and thought I'd post about Sarah Burton's Spring / Summer 2012 RTW collection.  This really is extravagance at it's very, very best.  Which is exactly what Sarah had in mind saying 'I wanted to remember the female form in it's most opulent and glamorous state.'  Their were tonnes of period elements to the gowns - Elizabethan busts and French High Court themed waists - but my favourite pieces were ones that had a bit of an under the sea element... I don't mean little Sebastian and the Little Mermaid - Mrs Poseidon if you like... Here are my favourites.

Liking this stuff goes completely against my love for a simple, classic wardrobe/look.  But how can you not appreciate and want to own a piece of something like this?  Even I, as the most non-arty person in the world can see the talent it took to make these dresses.  Look at the one above - the attention in the lace work is unreal, it actually look like real bouquets at the bottom...

Prices start at £9,000 for these dresses, so naturally I've ordered a couple - and have asked for Sarah to pop over and make a few bits for me too, couple of matching clutch bags etc.  I wish.

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Style Servings said...

Hahahaha I love the last bit! This really is an amazing collection, Sarah Burton is so talented.

Unknown said...

gorgeous collection!

<3 steffy

Anonymous said...

I have a post just drafted about this collection, it's breathtaking. I love the dress in the final picture. I imagine the models just loved walking this show.

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