High Street: Jaeger Boutique's Blair-like collection

I tweeted about Jaeger Boutique a couple of days ago as I took a trip there with my sister who works for them, and fell in love with some of their pieces.  As I described it before, it feels like a collaboration between Blair Waldorf and Marc Jacobs (which oddly, my post from May on Blair is now my highest viewed post for October and November - strange).  Anyway, I loved some of the clothes - prim and proper without being all out mumsy and possibly dare I say it, frigid looking.  Here are some pictures of my favourite bits at the Regent Street store on Monday:

They've got workwear and weekend wear totally nailed with their classic cuts and pieces that I'm certain you'll still be wearing this time next year.  Absolutely love it - and it has much more life to it than similar brands who have attempted to do a similar thing (Hobbs/NW3 and Monsoon/Fusion).  There stuff is more expensive than others, but you only have to touch it to see why - quality is second to none and the fabrics feel pricey and heavy and everything £70 for a t-shirt should.  Here is one of my favourite outfits for the weekend, their Breton sweater, jeans and satchel bag -

Get the top here: Breton wool top

Also, as I said before the general vibe to the collection had a certain socialite from the Upper East side in mind.  For anyone looking to dress like Blair Waldorf, just step into a Jaeger near you - the peter pan collars, full skirts and dulcet tones are all things Blair loves.  Jaeger's have interpreted it in a lovely way - not too 'high school' and very versatile.

This picture is from their lookbook - and to me is very much a Blair look (minus the brown shoes, not sure she'd dig that).  The silk print again is very much in season and similar to a Miu Miu or Marc Jacobs design. Simple but stunning and doesn't dwarf you as the simple tie breaks up with pattern.  Buy it here for £199.  Finally (below), here is a little spotty piece - spots are bloody everywhere thanks to Dolce and Gabbana - perfect for winter dates, if you have a spare £230.  Really do trust in investing in this company, their quality is amazing and whenever my sister has something new from there I weep with jealously.  They wash well, hold their shape and don't lose colour.

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