High Street: Hunter Pumps

I am off to Yorkshire again this weekend, for a birthday dinner with my boyfriend in one of our favourite restaurants (The Star Inn, in Harome) before meeting some friends up there for a good old fashioned English countryside weekend.  My boyfriend's mother has a really lovely holiday cottage in a teeny place called Osmotherley, near Northallerton, which has 3 pubs, a newspaper shop and a fish and chip cafe.  All you need really!  Looking forward to some long walks, and for that reason I found myself on the Hunter wellington website - and found these.

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What do you think?  I love them!  I think they're perfect because they're like any other flat weekend shoe, but they're entirely rubber so won't get wet.  Why Converse didn't think of this I will never know.  They're £70, and they're coming to me by 11am on Thursday morning - just in time for the Yorkshire Moors!

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