Gap Clutch with Fur 'Tail'

I have just made one of those purchases that firmly makes me a fashion victim - this new gap clutch with the faux fur trim.  I got it home, feeling very chuffed - I first saw this in Grazia in October and instantly put myself on the list.  

Got 'the call' this morning to say it has arrived - and promptly went off to the Bond St store to collect it.  Anyway, the minute I got it through the door the jokes began - the boyfriend is making many a 'so, we have a new pet in the house' - and I'm seeing my parents tomorrow and am waiting for the 'Dad jokes' from my father...  I love it and I don't care - and it was only £20.

Also bought some new socks from Gap - their socks are so good, probably overpriced but who cares, my feet feel loved.  And some great multi-purpose khaki trousers, kind of like the J Brand ones I have in camel - but this time of year I find myself going for all things green and earthy.

Buy them here 

In other news, this week has mainly been spent trying to juggle my head around my new job (loving it, and it's full on so blogging is now at a minimum) and trying to stop Lopez eating absolutely everything.  I bought a spray to try and stop him - didn't work and ended up with a puppy who just smelt like an anti mosquito candle. It seems even my new Gap 'hamster' doesn't stand a chance...

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Noelani said...

Haha, I'm sure my dogs would do the same if I brought this home. I like it- don't you pay attention to the naysayers. And I'm sure it's a fraction of the price of the A Wang version I was eyeing this week!

Lindsay said...

Looks like your pup likes accessories like mine! Hehehe.

Style Servings said...

Lol at the dad jokes haha!!

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