Nancy Shevell's Stella McCartney Wedding Dress

There is something lovely about the family all mucking in at a wedding - and Sir and Lady McCartney's nuptials yesterday certainly had that air of team work.  Paul's daughter Beatrice was the only flower girl - his daughter Mary took the official press photograph (above), and Stella designed the gorgeous and apt wedding dress for her new mother-in-law Stella.  The McCartneys seem far more 'together' for this marriage - we didn't see this amount of collaboration when he married Heather in 2002.  

Nancy's dress is perfect for her - flattering, classic and a timeless, exactly what Stella is famous for.  Apparently she's in a fifties... who would have known...

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Noelani said...

I can't believe she is in her 50's either. And she has her own money- which gives them a level playing field as a couple. I hope this one works!

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