Look for AW11: Fur Collars

My mother is clearly one step ahead of the trend. Last Christmas she bought me a gorgeous faux fur stool from Marks and Spencer. Gucci's AW11 campaign had them everywhere, and now the high street are playing catch up. Very effectively too. These are perfect for livening up a new jacket from last year. If you are anything like me, I really struggle not to want a new coat every season. Buying a new collar is a perfect solutions as they are much, much cheaper and you can give your outerwear a whole new look.

Gucci AW11

ASOS have some great options, and better still some of them are in the sale!  Firstly, this pink toned version is such a good take on the Gucci style above - absolutely love it and can be bought for a reduced price of £20 here.  Secondly this purple one is a good option for a girl looking for a deeper colour with the same idea, also £20 - buy it here.

If you're after a more sedate or natural take on the look, then ASOS has something for you too.  These gorgeous collars are both £12 in the sale, buy them here.

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