LK Bennett Seismic Closed Courts on eBay

Is this not the bargain of the century?  LK Bennett is a brand that seems to have become absolutely massive this year - with a little help from the Duchess of Cambridge.  I have discovered their eBay page - and it's very good.  Here are a pair of their Seismic heels in a UK 5.5 for... wait for it... £70.  What a bargain.

Buy them here

Metallics and in particular, gun steel are big for AW11 so these pumps are perfect.  Wear them with any outfit for an instant trenc-tick-of-the-box.  I absolutely love them, so wish my feet would grow a size and a half!  They also come in gold for £60 (what a steal) if you have size 5 or 6 feet here.

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