High Street: Warehouse Spot Mesh Dress

We've been in love with the Stella McCartney spotted mesh dress ever since Kate Winslet wore it back in the summer.  The little black dress in question is part of a whole collection, as seen below.  Sexy yet demure and has since been work by many an A lister.  We loved it, but we didn't quite have the guts to do some of the revealing required - and the dress is far beyond our budgets.

So, we were delighted to see that the clever team at Warehouse have created a high street version, and having seen the dress in the flesh I can honestly say it is just as classy and fabulous.  At £60, it doesn't break the bank and it has a slight peplum waist which can only flatter.  The positioning of the mesh is a little more subtle too.  Love it.  Buy it here.

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Sarah Mendelsohn said...

ah wow! love that you made a cheaper version. i love the stella mccartney mesh polka dots. very cool!

x sarah

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