High Street: ASOS Spooky Sweater

I hate Halloween - I don't like pumpkins, at all.  Everyone seems to want to champion a way to cook/eat/display them.  If you want something orange and fruity - have an orange.  Pumpkins are a bit like goats - why have them?  Something better does everything they do.  THEN we start with scary movies - my god, I can't even watch ER in case of the slight of blood.  I once accidentally watched Paranormal Activity on a flight home from New York - error - haven't been in my flat on my own since, at least at night.

But, it is with great pleasure that I have found something to do with Halloween that I really, really like - this jumper from ASOS - simple, slouchy fun.  And only £25 - buy it here.  

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Ly said...

Hahaha you're so funny. I'm not the biggest fan of pumpkins either but I love dressing up for halloween.


Unknown said...

too cute!



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