Lopez Lemonears...

I've had a few emails this week asking where I've disappeared to, so I thought I'd post a few pictures to explain.  Meet Lopez, or Harold as my boyfriend keeps calling him as he thinks he looks like Harold Macmillan.  He's now 10 weeks old and already has complete rule of the house, the heart of his mummy and the mountains of aunts and uncles he's met over the last week.

Maltese Terriers are a handful, especially ones  with energy levels to rival a 6 pack of Red Bull.  So, apologies to all for not being around - but I promise once we've got toilet training nailed and he's learnt that he can chew on trainers and not Tory Burch Revas... I'll be back.  Ps - the 'Lemonears' bit is because he has the lemon patches associated with the breed over each ear...

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