High Street: H&M AW11

This brand are just fantastic - here are their takes on the key looks for AW11, everything from tassles, peter pan collars to puff shoulders and oversize knits.

I challenge someone with any style not to find something they want from this collection - it is amazing!
South Molton St Style


SC said...

WO! Great collection!

Anonymous said...

My problem with H&M is that whilst everything always looks good - the quality is not that great. I love their designs, but I wish they would put a little but more into the construction.


Verena Hafner - musings of a fashion stylist said...

It is an amazing collection! A supermodel and great styling don't hurt either ;-)

Jessie - The Velvet Bow said...

High street stores are really impressing me right now. Pity we don't have H&M here in Australia but I'll be in the UK soon and I can tell you that I will be going on a mad shopping spree when I arrive!

Noelani said...

You caught me red handed, I was in there the other day and saw a lovely jacket that I would have got had the line not been so bad. That cape is divine and warrants another trip!

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