High Street: Topshop British Padded Coat

It's getting cooler, and suddenly you need to rip that dry cleaning tag off your coats and wear them again.  For me, coats present one of fashions strangest questions - why does it never look as good as the day you bought it?  My theory is that I must stretch mine under all the layers over the winter - but I never look as slim I thought I did in the changing room.

However, I spied this gorgeous trench coat from Topshop the other week.  Made in England, which for you foreign visitors means one thing - made to last.  We have rubbish weather, so things need to be durable.  This coat is beautifully heavy, and has a lovely mix of the trench coat styles - padding, texture and heritage.  Buy it here for £225...  You all need a trench coat by the way, so please make 2011 the year you buy one.

South Molton St Style

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Unknown said...

It is beautiful and a classic but I think £225 is a lot of money for Topshop!


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