High Street: Reiss Richmond Bag

I feel physically sick when I think about how much I want this bag - Reiss are doing so well this year.  It looks so expensive - so for £195 it is an absolute steal.  I would imagine the fashion-naive as I call them would assume it is a Celine, or even a Hermes.  Love the clasp, reminds me of my friend's business Owen and Savary (if only it had one of their buckles this bag would be perfect).

It comes in a variety of colours - Hermes orange or the brown above are currently my favourites.  I would predict this bag will be draped over many a journo or blogger-on-camera over the fashion weeks - I'll be at home frothing at the mouth.   Buy it here.

South Molton St Style


LittleRus said...

I love this one too... Every time I see it my heart jumps out of my chest.

Noelani said...

You had me at Hermes orange. This is a classic and in that color? Divine.

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