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For anyone who isn't familiar with the my-wardrobe.com brand, you might want to familiarise yourself with it.  It's great for quick fix fashion buys, without the cheap and tacky brands sometimes argued to be found on ASOS, but equally without the snobbery and overpricing on netaporter.com.  They also have amazing sales, and here are my favourite bits from it...


Perfect for updating a work wardrobe, or even as a light jacket for a summer wedding outfit.  Of course you can simply team is with jeans and a tee for the weekend.  In a nutshell, you can't go wrong - boxy tweed jackets are all the rage for AW11 and work well on pretty much all body shapes.  just make sure you can close the jacket easily (even if there are no buttons) otherwise it will look too small, so is worth going up a size if necessary.  At £165 (reduced from £400), it still isn't a complete steal - but this one here is Moschino so very good for a designer piece.  Buy it here. Oh and just a bug bear to let steam on - it's pronounced 'mos-skee-no.'

Paul and Joe

Did anyone else read the article in Elle magazine about the French creative director of Paul and Joe?  Amazing woman, lovely piece.  Here is a great little bargain from her label, this satin maxi will instantly va-va-voom up your wardrobe.  Again, so versatile you could wear it to pretty much any occasion - with a sateen vest and heels for an evening, or with a tee and denim jacket (would also look great with a leather bomber jacket, coming around to these, it's taking time).  It's still £256, but it was £650, what a saving.  Buy it here.

Alexander McQueen

Complete and utter bargain alert!  This dress, with the swift and seductive tailoring only possible by Alexander McQueen is only £131.  Thats right, 1, 3, 1 pounds stirling.  I can't even say anymore, just buy it right now here.  Actually I can - you will be the best dressed in the office, perhaps even in your building this is on.  McQueen tailoring carries more prestige than the garment itself, I challenge anyone to look sh*t in it.


We've been going on and on about Missoni stripes, heres a quick post on some high street steals that look very similar to the designer's trademark patterns.  But for anyone in the UK who is off somewhere nice for a holiday, could you look any more relaxed / cool / on trend than this over the shoulder dress?  Missoni's stuff is relaxed chic at its very best, and at £115 I really can't see this purchase going wrong.  Buy it here.

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