High Street: Jaeger Boutique Navy Dress

I. Am. Obsessed. With. This. Dress. I need it.  I saw it in John Lewis last weekend, and am going to pleading with my sister to let me have her staff discount - Look how gorgeous the detail is; it's so elegant, so Blair Waldorf and quite frankly - so me.  It's expensive but I'm not sure I can stop myself.  I would wear it to work, for drinks - for a weekend day out - value per wear would be cheaper than Primark. Oh who am I kidding?  But for this quality the money is 110% worth it...

Buy it here for £180 - or add to the wish list...

South Molton St Style

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LittleRus said...

Very beautiful. And if you are so much in love, it's just a must have piece. You'll wear it forever and feel gorgeous and happy every time you put it on. Plus, if you do "cost per wear" math, then it won't seem that expensive any more. x

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