High Street: H&M Waistcoat

How do we feel about waistcoats?  I always left them to my uncle Tony, until I saw this one on a girl in the changing room at H&M last week.  She looked so cute, and first wore it with the jeans she had on and a polo neck (red, tick) and then with a white shirt and black pencil trousers she'd found whilst browsing - felt sorry for the girl, I was staring at her for a good five minutes straight.   Something about this colour and shape too - reminds me of the British classics, Aquaschtum and Burberry.

Oversize pieces are all over the collections at the moment, think Marni, Stella Mac and Fendi - always reminds me of a Cindy Crawford shot of her walking down the runway in the 90s for Calvin Klein - and this little piece is a good way to start.  If you are short, only wear with heels, anything over the bum length will instantly make you look shorter.  Buy it here for £34.99.

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