Stylist's Paris Issue

For anyone not based in the UK, if you really want to get under the skin of issues going on in a woman's mind in Britain, look no further than our free weekly magazine, Stylist.  Founded 18 months ago, Stylist is quickly taking over as the strongest women's weekly.  Written by a culmination of talented journos, and with offers and promotions that rival Vogue - Stylist is going places.

Every week they feature key fashion pieces (their weekly Style List - above - pretty much forms a basis for all of my purchases), current affairs and women's issues.  Its fantastic, I change my commute every Wednesday to ensure I get my copy from my tube stop.  This week's issue was all about Paris - with beautiful imagery, photoshoots and articles on French capital.  I forget we can be over there in 2 1/2 hours by train now from London...

Here is the online link for the last issue, enjoy! Stylist 23rd June

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