SMS Style Award - Best 5 piece wardrobe

We've been trying to think of an award to do for a while, and finally with help from a few blogging friends we've got an idea - Best 5 piece wardrobe Award.  We feel it echoes our view that a capsule wardrobe really is the best way forward, both in creating your own style and saving your pennies.  If you would like to enter, here is what to do:

"Pick your 5 key items from your wardrobe, and write about them!

No word count, but no essays (!!) – you can interpret ‘5 favourite pieces’ however you like; though the idea is to bounce off South Molton St Style’s ‘capsule wardrobe’ motto. Do provide photos of yourself in the clothes –or links to webpages where readers can find them. No pressure to write about designer stuff, if anything the more brilliant high street or vintage finds the better. 

You don't have to be a blogger to apply but if you are: your blog or twitter page will of course be referenced (please let me know how you want me to link it up). We’ll write a quick couple of sentences about you, and talk about where you are from – so first names and hometowns too please!"

Conditions of entry:
. you must submit your entry by Friday the 5th of August
. submissions will be posted from Saturday the 6th until the end of the month
. to vote for your favourite, you must comment on their posting with your name (no anonymous votes will be counted)
. the winner and runner up must place the award badge on their blog - and provide and address for a well done gift :)
. you'll also win a bit of a super prize if I may say so myself...
To submit your 5 pieces, or contact me with questions - please email me here

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