High Street: Urban Outfitters 'Mulberry Polly'

I cannot say how I happy I am with my Polly, it's now up there firmly with my Birkin and my Michael Kors watch as one of my favourite fashion purchases of all time (not forgetting a pair of orange Calvin Klein jeans I bought from TK Maxx when I was 15, that I wore for 3 years straight, and then realised I looked like a d*ck head - the irony being that they would probably be fashionable now).  Even Kate Middleton has one, click here to see her wearing it with an amazing Roland Mouret dress (not jealous, at all).

Whilst away, my little sister told me about an Urban Outfitters copy of the Polly (the Kim-Chi bag), and to be frank I can't quite believe how good it is.  I went to the store today and did I not already have one, I'd have snapped them up in every colour.  So, I advise that you do instead... At £48, please explain to me why you wouldn't?!  Click here to buy.

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LDNshopaholic said...

I think I like the Urban Outfitters version even more than the Mulberry one which is unheard of! Just spent ages deciding which colour... I quite like the mustard they have exclusively online too. Went with the ivory though as I thought I should be sensible! Can't wait for it to arrive


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