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I spent yesterday afternoon doing what I do best - roaming around the 2nd floor of Selfridges.  And between all the stuff I see every week (seriously, once they moved a chair 10 foot and I noticed) I found a new label that's got me rather hot under the silk collar.  Their 'Young Hollywood' collection is filled with the basics we all need to own, and the additional pieces we all want to.

Sydney based, stylestalker was created by 'two self confessed style addicts' Sue-Ann San and Rachel Zeilic.  They define making style easy, their pieces are simply just very, very well made.  They define trend, but will carry over into the next season.  None of their colours will offend, muted and undertoned - yet with the most vibrant sex appeal imaginable.  You will look good in these clothes because you feel good in these clothes.  And without getting too 'fashionista' on your ass, I challenge you to not want something from the stuff I picked out below:

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Anonymous said...

Oooh had never heard of this one, that shirt is amazing - will be popping down in my lunchbreak!

Rosie xxx

Claire said...

This pair are talented - I love their leather stuff too.

C xoxo

Naomi Marie said...

Absolutely love Stylestalker. Wore one of their snake-print dresses to a metal gig last month. I don't think that there is anything of theirs that I don't want!

Lisa Rosalie said...

Love this! Great collection!
X Lisa

Anonymous said...

I want pretty much all of these pieces!


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